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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Page County Grown - the 2015 Farm-to-Table Dinner

Last Saturday, the Mimslyn Inn hosted the fourth annual Page County Grown farm-to-table dinner.  It's an event we still look forward to every year, so Mary and I made early plans to attend, despite some reservation snafus I hope they can fix before next year.
We were joined by many of our friends, most of whom have also attended the events in the past.  And as always, the dinner chef Chris prepared from fresh local ingredients was a delight.

When I started the hop yards, one of my first objectives was to become a part of Page County Grown.  Since the meetings are held on week nights, I generally am not able to make it out for them, and I get updates from the other members.  This year I was surprised to find out that I was designated the "Director of Marketing and Social Media" - an assignment I have yet to deliver on - and that meant I would have to give some welcoming remarks at the dinner.

I hope what I said was innocuous enough - except for two things:  first, my conclusion was to thank the kitchen and serving staff at the Mimslyn for their flawless performance these four years; and second, I read off the vision statement for Page County Grown, quoted below. 

Page County Grown is thriving family farms driving local food economies and promoting healthy communities where quality farming is a valued heritage and a staple for growth.
From some of the conversations I have had with the other members, there have been some successes over the last few years - there are new farmers and there are new markets.  But there are still opportunities, and I guess my challenge will be to identify those and help the organization take advantage of them. 

I was enjoying myself so much at the dinner, I forgot to take photos of every course as I have done in the past.  So these two are some highlights, the appetizer first course and the dessert last course.  All paired with some favorite wines from Wisteria...it's a treat to look forward to again next year!

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