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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Return of the Beavers

 When we arrived at Hawksbill Cabin on Saturday morning, we were surprised to look out into Beaver Run hollow and see that the beavers had returned from upstream, building a little dam in our stretch of the creek.  I remembered from a few years ago that we had a pond, and was very excited by the new development - and also worried, as always, since they are construction within 100 feet or so of our little road.  

After we got unpacked and settled in, we all took a walk over for a closer look.  As the plants are all greening up in the hollow, you can still get around pretty well in there, and I was able to get pretty close to it.  

It's not yet as big or robust as the one they built in 2008, but it is coming along. At that time, the stream was narrower and had some pretty high banks, so when the pond filled the water was as deep as six feet or so in places - it probably is this time as well, especially in the stream channels.

We kept an eye on the pond all weekend, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beavers at work, but no such luck.  I'm sure we'll see them eventually, but for the moment, all we've seen is a couple of pairs of ducks.
Looking back on my old blog posts, I found that the old dam was built in the spring of 2008 and lasted until heavy rains in spring 2009.  I used the label "beaver dam" to track the dam back then - I'll re-inaugurate that label again for posts about the new dam, starting with this one.

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