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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Page County Grown Farm to Schools Program

While the pigs were being raised, from time to time I would visit the farm at Public House Produce and see loads of apples and lettuce that were getting sent over to the Page County school system.  David explained to me that this was part of the Farm to School program, which had a sort of combined mission of improving nutrition for kids at the schools, along with outreach and benefits to local food producers - at least that's how I understood it.  

He also mentioned a video that had gone into production about the program - it's just been released, and I copied a link to it from Facebook here:


Also, here is part of a note David posted about the video:

"I appreciate all of the compliments about the recent Farm to School video and I would like to say thank you. This has been a very rewarding endeavor and I am very proud to be involved and I look forward to helping expand the F2S program in Page County. I would also like to say that none of this would be possible with out the support of many pepole and organizations. One of the most valuable groups of people who have made this idea work in Page County is the cafeteria staff at all of our schools. With out the additional work and dedication of these employees we would not be where we are to day with our Farm to School efforts. So please take time this week and thank a "lunch lady" for their hard work!"

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