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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Short Ribs

Ever since they were featured at the Page County Grown Farm-to-Table Dinner in 2012, I have wanted to learn how to cook short ribs.  They're just a tasty and satisfying cut of meat, very much a comfort food.  The challenge is cooking them low and slow to bring out the flavors.

I got a nice pack of short ribs from Skyline Premium Meats at the last farmers market in the fall.  With the weather staying in the frigid range this weekend, I decided to give them a try with our slow cooker in Alexandria.

After Googling a recipe, I braised the ribs.  Then I put them in the crook pot, cooking them on high for 7 hours.  Besides the local beef, I used a cup of home canned stewed tomatoes (I still can't remember who shared these with us, but they were delicious!), and two cups of Wisteria's Norton wine.  Any on-line recipe will list the other necessary ingredients.

They came out great - I plated them on some mashed potatoes and served brussel sprouts on the side.

Here's a link to that 2012 Farm-to-Table menu.  Just a reminder of great things to come next summer!

And hey, here are links to our two Page County Grown Farmers featured in this meal!


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